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Trauma, Ethnicity and War in the Psychoanalytic room

Georgian Psychoanalytical Psychotherapeutic Society For all professionals, working with children and adults  in fields of psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry and more.  The Georgian Psychoanalytical Psychotherapeutic Society (GPPS –  invites you to participate in the international seminar  “Trauma, Ethnicity and War

Croatian Psychoanalytical Society, Provisional Society of IPA

Czech Psychoanalytical Society

The Han Groen-Prakken European Psychoanalytic  Institute

Hungarian Psychoanalytical Society

Belgrade Psychoanalytical Society

Polish Psychoanalytical Society

Moscow Psychoanalytic Society, IPA Component Society

Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis, Provisional Society of IPA

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International Psychoanalytic Student Organization

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intarnational psychoanalytic Association

Psychoanalytic electronic publishing
Allows to search all the psychoanalytic literature
included in the PEP archive and the current
content of some journals free of charge. 

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European Federation for
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Public Sector

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